Thursday, December 11, 2008

Skidding into Christmas

I don't know how this happens every year. It's December 11, there are basically 2 weeks until Christmas, but you'd never know it by the look of my house.

I still need to:
  • Help daughter write letter to Ho Ho (AKA Santa)
  • Badger husband to dig Christmas tree out from under the stairs so that it can be unfolded, while keeping small child somewhere else so that she doesn't see the big honking parcel that is on TOP of the Christmas tree box under the stairs until Christmas morning.
  • Determine where the usual assortment of stuff in the living room is going to go so that the tree can be unfolded.
  • Deck the halls
  • Write and mail the Christmas cards
  • Bake the cookies. Apparently, Christmas will not come if the Melting Moments are not baked. Not sure I want that kind of responsibility although Christmas DID come the year I stopped making 3-freaking-days-to-make-handmade chocolate truffles and dipped cherries
  • Figure out the rest of Christmas dinner, other than the Turkey
  • Buy the freaking turkey and various and assorted food to go with it while justifying cost to husband. yes, we DO need the shrimp ring...
  • Bake rice bread to stuff the turkey with since my father in law is severe celiac
  • Take my mother shopping so that she can buy MY Christmas present
  • Spend most nights next week singing my heart out with the Grand Philharmonic Choir, praying to anyone who will listen that it won't be the last time.
  • Deck myself out in subdued, classic finery, and go with my husband on the one night I'm home next week to a dinner at the home of one of the senior executives of his company...and have dinner with senior executives...praying to God that I don't spill something, or say something that will kill his chances for permanency at the company. We are judged by our spouses...and I don't get out much. (Note to self-dig out Joy of Cooking and review cutlery placements...)
  • Clean the house
  • Make it to Christmas Day without dissolving into a sodden, sobbing mess of nerves...or drunk as a lord on wine because I have simply given up
I wonder what's involved in becoming an Orthodox Christian...that would give me a couple more weeks...and there's always Kwanzaa...

Ho Ho Ho

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