Tuesday, December 6, 2011


According to my 6 year old child, I am the worst mother EVER....You see, I made her take snowpants to school today, AND I expect her to wear them.  And worse than that, they are navy blue snowpants, and don't confuse her with the fact that her snowsuit is navy blue and pink...navy blue are boy pants, apparently. So not only am I FORCING her to wear snowpants in the snow to keep her dry and warm, I'm dressing her in a boy colour, in something that makes her legs look fat. Serious mom fail.

On a certain level, I understand where she's coming from, because I remember. In particular, I remember a week-long school ski trip to Belle Neige resort when I was in grade 6 in Quebec. My mom really didn't know from skiing or ski wear, but she was positive that you only wore tights under snowpants, so she went ahead and packed all my jeans for the trip, a fact I didn't discover until it was time to leave. I had to wear tights with snowpants on the bus, and then pretend that I had to go use the bathroom as soon as we got to the room, so the rest of the girls didn't know that I was a dork who didn't know enough to wear jeans under the snow pants. I had to sneak a pair of jeans from the suitcase and smuggle it to the bathroom so I could get out of the snowpants. I still remember the embarassment and humiliation. I understand the snowpants aversion.

My kid's been having problems with another little boy in the class. There have been contributions from both sides equally, but from what I understand, my daughter has stopped, but the little boy has continued, occasionally enlisting the aid of some followers in the class. They have made fun of my daughter's lunch, her clothes, her drawing...and now, her snowpants. She's sensitive and has anxiety issues. I sent her to school with bright pink snowpants yesterday that are still a bit big, but they were PINK. They came home suspiciously clean for the state of the schoolyard, and she admitted this morning that she didn't wear them because she thought they would be too big. When I hauled the navy ones out instead this morning, she pitched a fit for the pink ones, and the fit then continued all the way into school.

School is tough for kids, and something like getting picked on for snowpants isn't a big deal in hindsight, but it sure is a big deal when you're 6. I guess I'll have to find some girly-girl snowpants if I have any hope of keeping her warm and dry this winter. I'm still drying the boots and the socks from yesterday.

And since I walk her to school when I'm able,. I have snowpants. They're navy. They just might be boy ones. They DO make my legs look fat. But I'm warm and dry, and I've learned that warm and dry and frumpy trumps styling and freezing every time.

I sent my daughter to school with snowpants today. She thinks I'm the worst mother in the world. I can own that...