Friday, August 7, 2009

Fat to Fit Update

It's time for another Fat to Fit Update. For those of you not following the playbook, here's the original post. Not Another Day.

  • I have not missed a day on Wii Fit yet, including the day when my pelvic bones copped an attitude and locked halfway through Hula Hoop. I still managed to do the Yoga and Strength exercises.
  • I have not had poutine, although I was sorely tempted last week.
  • I average between 45 mins and an hour each day. The minimum I will do is 40 minutes.
  • I'm not seeing any difference yet, but other people have commented that I look more svelte. Clothes might be fitting a tiny bit looser, but negligible for the amount of freaking effort I'm putting in.
  • Definite difference in my centre of balance. This is a good thing since I have wonky hips and pelvis from car accident.
  • Managed to scrape another pound off my butt. Not going to make the goal for tomorrow of another 2 lbs, without enema intervention, which is not on the option list.
  • I have managed to do the Rowing Squats, the Plank and a half-ass Shoulder Stand. I have managed to run for 3 minutes. I don't run; this is an accomplishment.
  • I'm really discouraged today. Read reviews that Wii Fit is not a valid fitness tool. Watched Hubby do Wii Active-no freaking way I can do the majority of the exercises on it. Lunges and a bad knee are not a good combination.
I'm going to keep at it. It's better than nothing. I will be walking small child to school a couple of days a week in a month. The kids around here walk to school. So will Vampira.

Could really go for pizza today. I will be eating salad instead. Sigh.


Lauren said...

Keep at it! Don't worry about what the critics say about the Wii Fit - any activity is better than nothing, especially when you have some challenges as a result of that car accident.

Don't get discouraged by the numbers ... by sheer exercise alone, you'd have to do an incredibly high-energy activity (like running) for over an hour every day just to burn enough calories to equal a pound a week. I think you're doing it the smart way, with minor modifications to your food and an amount and intensity of exercise that won't end in injury! (In my opinion anyway, as someone who has done it the stupid way and ended up worse off than before.)

Divawrites said...

Thanks Lauren. My husband is following Weight Watchers, and of course, washing the weight off in the shower.
I've always had to struggle to lose a pound, and middle age plus hormone issues don't help it.
I'm going to keep at it. At least I'm doing something.