Saturday, May 1, 2010

Reality Check, Part 2.

The Universe wasn't finished with me. A couple of hours ago, we got the news that my mother in law has lung cancer in both lungs. We don't know what stage it is, or what the treatment options are.

My husband and his mother are very close. I need to be with my family now because we're in for rough times ahead.

And now I feel petty and small for even caring about something as insignificant as a part in a play to begin with. Turns out, it wasn't even worth a blip in the karmic scheme of things. I would have had to pull out anyway.

Cancer sucks. That isn't eloquent or original, but it's summing it up for me right now. My mother in law is a kind-hearted, wonderful person who doesn't deserve all the crap that's coming her way and neither does my father in law, my brother in law or my husband. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, life stinks. This is one of those times.

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