Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wednesday is for writing.

Megan Venner, over at (Mis)Adventures of a Work at Home Mom has come up with a brilliant idea. She's going to post creativity sparkers on Wednesday and see where it leads.

I want to play, too. I'm going to take some of her sparkers and see where it leads me, and then link it to her blog in a comment.

Do you want to play, too? Add your link to my blog and let's all get creative!

Send me some ideas for starting sentences. Let's have some fun.


Atlantic Writer said...

It is interesting the differing ways people approach writing... even in the idea of writing starts. The ones you left me leave me more than challenged, as I write non-fiction. So... here is a challenge for you: my writing starts are much different... discipline, adversity, learning and happiness. Write from those and we will compare....

Christine Peets said...

Every day is for writing, Lisa. I'm starting to do more fun writing now--stuff that may or may not go in my blog, but just stuff I want to write.
I find doing that sometimes help me focus on my work-writing.
Maybe this is a new work-life balance.
For sparking ideas, I usually just pick something to "Cluster" about and go from there.